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Boomerang App Features and Download: Alternative Email Client for Android

Boomerang App: Gmail is the best email client in the present internet world. Most of the internet users prefer to use the Gmail of all other email apps. Recently Gmail got its update and many new features were added to it. Today we came with the Boomerang which is a best alternative email client for Android devices.
Using this Boomerang email client you can get access to a Gmail account and Google Apps account. We found this Boomerang is the best way to access your email accounts on your Android devices. Go through the below content to know what features it is providing and how flexible it is.

Boomerang App Features:

The design of the Boomerang is so simple and attractive. In this you can find the multi gesture support. It allows the user to snooze the email message and schedule the message to be sent later. You can make a list of all response messages. If you want any particular message you can find by searching through all your messages across all Gmail folders.
It supports more than one email account and allows you to switch over at any time. Users can select multiple messages at a time to perform any operation. It will sync all your phone contacts. Same like the Gmail client you can send or view attachments. It will provide you a list of Inbox or sent box messages you, can see all the messages by scrolling up or down.
It can also access your Gmail address book and it will auto-complete the email address if it is in the address book. With this update it adds new features like faster loading of Inbox, push notifications, latest send as an option, Account specific themes.

Boomerang Download and Availability:

As mentioned earlier this Boomerang is the best alternative email client for Android devices. It is compatible with Android 2.2 and higher Operating system. You could download this boomerang from the above mentioned hyperlink.


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