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Cloud Convert Features and Working: A Cloud Based File Converter

The Cloud Convert is nothing but an useful web service that helps us to convert any type of file to the required type. Days are gone when we had to depend on software’s for converting a type of file to our required type. Now with the help of cloud computing many of our works are being done efficiently.  Cloud Convert is also one of the techniques which support more than hundred formats to get converted into a required format.
Cloud Convert
Cloud Convert Features:
With the help of this Cloud Convert features, we can convert any image, audio or video files to our respective type. One of the fine features which it has is the support for Dropbox by which after getting the output file we could upload it to our Dropbox and share the respective file. Again, for the conversion to happen we don’t have to depend on the completion of the process. We could just mark on the checkbox called “mail me when finished” and can get the message in our mail when the task is completed. This Web service is free to be used.

Cloud Convert Working Principle:

  • Registration: It is not mandatory to register before using this free service but if done than you can get a lot more features as a registered user rather than a guest user.
  •  After the registration process is completed just login with your documents and then you will be automatically redirected to the dash board.
  • Select the file using “Select file” button.
  • You could upload files from the dropbox or googledrive.
  • After selecting the file you can even change the conversion setting if required.
  • After that select the output file type by clicking on the “Wrench” icon
  • Once the output is produced you could also send the file through your mail or can save it again in your dropbox.
  • The converting time varies from file to file so after clicking on the convert button just wait for the work to finish.
  • After completion of the conversion a link will be given by which you can download your required file to your PC.
This is one of the most finest service that you could get in today’s techno world that would make your task easier and that to as this Cloud Convert web service is available for free so you could try a hand on it.


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